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Conference Session: An Introduction to the Learning Toolkit Software
Co-Presenter:Vanitha Pillay

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to three evidence-based tools offered as part of the CSLP’s web-based Learning Toolkit. ABRACADABRA, an early literacy tool, contains 32 alphabetic, fluency, comprehension and writing activities linked to 17 digitized stories. The instructional module is further supplemented with teacher, parent, assessment and communication modules.ePEARL is a multimedia container that supports the process of learning by encouraging goal setting, reflection, conferencing, and continuous improvement through self-regulation. The latest tool, ISIS-21 fosters the development of information literacy skills in middle school students. The tools are available without charge and provide just-in-time multimedia to support student learning and teacher professional development.


Websites on each of the tools:
Overview of the CSLP and the LTK: to access a 7-minute video

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